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Effective solutions to decorate the terrace of your business.

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In the hospitality world, one of the great variables that arise within the business channel is whether the establishment has a terrace area. According to the study carried out by Tubbo , a terrace with a capacity for 30 seated people can generate a daily income of €3,500, so that in those 67 “useful” days of summer the establishment can achieve a turnover of around €235,000. It has been proven that catering businesses with an adapted terrace and a good design are likely to attract more quality customers to their business.

Several set New Island on a terrace.

This variable not only includes the weather or seasonality, but also the approach to design and benefits that the venue offers its customers. In the various types of terraces, whether covered, semi-covered or open, hoteliers see this extension of their business as a fundamental part of obtaining income, so they take special care of the image and comfort of this area. It all starts with the search for durable materials over time and that resist the wear and tear of continuous use with that touch. design that makes your business stand out from the competition.

It is common for us to find business cases where poor management of the terrace's resources has led to seriously damaging the income of the premises, in some cases even leading to closure. For this reason, we must take into account what materials, finishes and functionalities our terraces must have so that they are a claim for potential clients.

There is a wide range of materials focused on the exterior, wood, aluminum, wicker... materials that can immediately give a very chic touch to the business, but that in a very short period of time can cause problems due to deterioration: oxidation, mold, irregularities making that expensive investment that we have carried out is not a solution for the future to maintain the image of our business.

In these cases, one of the materials that is marking a before and after in the market is polyethylene. This medium-density plastic adapts perfectly to all types of exteriors, as it can withstand temperatures from -45 to +55ºC without undergoing any alteration in shape or colour. If we add a design adapted to our business channel to these properties, the solutions increase considerably. Since the customer's first impression is essential for him to enter our business or not.

The client looks for that space appropriate to their needs, where they can enjoy their time in a comfortable outdoor environment. That is why it is so important to adapt our terrace in a correct way without breaking our budget. At Newgarden we believe that quality and price should not be at odds, which is why in 2018 we expanded our catalog with a series of products focused on meeting the needs of the hotelier. With trendy designs designed, inspired and manufactured in Spain. With materials that survive temperature changes and adverse weather conditions with complete normality, consolidating the investment of our business for many years to come.

Now is the time to renew our business, give that touch that will make our terrace look like never before and attract more customers.

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