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Valerio Sommella: Italian design within everyone's reach

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One of the great drawbacks that have always been found in terms of exclusive design has been how inaccessible it has been for a broad sector of the consumer. We associate the word design with a certain type of client who does not mind paying a higher price for a more exclusive finish.

At Newgarden we wanted to break with that paradigm and make the design product accessible to the public. For this we have had the prestigious Italian designer Valerio Sommella known worldwide for his daring and functional creations in all kinds of fields. Valerio, born in Tuscany, is a faithful ambassador of Mediterranean design. It has managed to perfectly merge Italian design, adapting to the needs of the market.

PLAY Light & Music pipe designed by Valerio Sommella.

As a result of the connection between Valerio Sommella and Newgarden, a new range of light and music products inspired by the Mediterranean is born, which come to conquer our homes and imbue them with the Behappy spirit.

NIPPER: Its stylized shape, with very fine and refined lines, creates this curious flared lamp. Its uniform, top-opening design makes sound reproduced in an exceptional way. At the heart of the piece we can find a Newgarden sound and lighting system. Equipped with the latest sound and light features, it optimizes its operating time for up to 12 uninterrupted hours.

On the other hand we have PIPA, which meets the same specifications and technical characteristics as NIPPER. Its design takes us to the impressive maritime world and impregnates us with that Mediterranean spirit so characteristic of Newgarden. Its speaker projects the sound horizontally, making this product a perfect solution to place on any countertop, desk in our home, terrace or garden.

Nipper PLAY Light & Music designed by Valerio Sommella.

PIPA like NIPPER have been manufactured in Polyethylene so their resistance properties are unique. Without leaving aside the sound and light technology that differentiates these products from others on the market.

But the product that will stand out the most on the market from others is the WOODY outdoor bottle rack. With a height of 70cm, this bottle rack inspired by a tree trunk, is perfect for those meetings with friends that last until dawn. It has a powerful Newgarden PLAY light & music sound system integrated so that the party never stops. Its combination of light and sound makes any event a unique experience. This bottle rack includes an adjustable ice bucket made of aluminum (stainless), giving the product a "premium" finish, but accessible to the vast majority of the public. It also has vegan leather finishes so that its transport is comfortable and manageable.

That is why we can find these new design products in large DIY chains competing with the best prices. Italian design combined with the advantages of a product made in Spain and within everyone's reach. It is time to open new horizons where quality and design are not at odds with price.



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